A Radiant Wedding on One of the Golden Sandy Beaches in the Canary Island

The beach location, the turquoise ribbons lightly draped around the back of the chairs and  the subtle greenery  that
gently leads you down towards the alter  all come together to create that perfect  magical wedding location.

Here we see Nadine García Breuer, the My Perfect Wedding  wWedding Planner in Tenerife, doing those
final touches to the groom just before the wedding ceremony.

The bride was really happy with her amazing wedding bouquet!

Here you can see one of our professional  Wedding Officiant  doing a beautiful, and personalized wedding service.

Once  wedding photographers always try to add that creative and lively touch to all the wedding photo shoots that they do.
Here we see the bride and groom playing in the sand without a care in the world whilst our photographer shoots away.

Everybody jumping for the group shot! You can almost feel the excitement of the moment.

The bride and the wedding planner Nadine at the end of a  great and fantastic wedding day.


Tenerife | Thursday 01/06/2023

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