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Celebrate your Hindu Wedding in Tenerife with us

canary-islands-hinduYour guests and loved ones will be amazed by the special hindu wedding we can organize for you: beautiful wedding venues, dream-like banquets, committed staff and attention to every detail let us create spectacular events for your enjoyment.

Tell us what you want the perfect event to be like and we will make your dreams come true.

We handle everything: wedding venues, catering service, florist and decoration service, makeup and beauticians, wedding photography, dresses, accommodation, wedding transfers, live music, entertainment, fireworks… anything you could ask for.

We have a long experience in Hindu weddings, it doesn’t matter the wedding style (Bengali weddings, Nikaah muslime, Said Sikh, Tamil, or a Garba Gujarati, just let me know what kind of ceremony).

Why celebrate your hindu wedding with us in Tenerife


  • Choose from many spectacular venues for your hindu wedding, where you can have the ceremony and accommodation in a very romantic and lovely place beside the ocean and the pool, even with a special place for the Mandapkarana.
  • Celebrate your wedding in open air the whole year round thanks to the warm weather of Tenerife.
  • We will help you organize every detail for your perfect wedding.
  • We coordinate all your special food wishes, specially focused on lamb, fish, lots of vegetables, curry and sweets.
  • Accommodate all your family, friends and guests with special conditions when booking with us.


The good thing about this wedding venue is, that you have different spaces all available in one venue for the different days and traditions that you need to cover, and this venue provides you with an outstanding service that not every venue can offer here in Tenerife. The Mehndi tradition, the Sangeet Party and the Wedding ceremony will look fantastic!


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Nadine Garcia Breuer

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