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Celebrate your wedding at Jardin Tropical Tenerife

Weddings at Jardin TropicalTenerife is a very charming island and it’s the perfect location for you to celebrate your dream wedding. If you’re looking for your dream wedding venue in the Canary Islands, it’s in no other place but in Tenerife. The endless possibilities this Island offers, will make that the day of your wedding is caught in time forever. My Perfect Wedding Tenerife, as always offers to its clients all the spectacular wedding venues so they can picture their wedding just like they want it to be. One of this beautiful venues is the Jardin Tropical Hotel in Costa Ajede – Las Américas, where the ocean and earth are combined giving way to a real source of inspiration and romanticism, ideal for such a special moment as it is your wedding. Do you like this romantic venue? Do you want to get married at Jardin Tropical Hotel? Well, let us take control of that and get in touch with us to start planning your fairytale wedding in Tenerife where there only will be “And they lived happily ever after”.

Why People Want to Get Married at Jardin Tropical?

Wedding Venues - Jardin Tropical TenerifeOur great experience and professionalism give our clients confidence enough to choose getting married in Tenerife (Spain) and select Jardin Tropical Hotel as the right venue to hold their wedding ceremony. Imagine a private seaside ceremony or exchanging your vows in the lush gardens of this beautiful and romantic venue. Well, you can stop dreaming and come to Tenerife and make it real. Taken by the hand of our wedding planning agency and the collaboration of this stunning Hotel, Jardin Tropical, we will ensure of everything goes in the best way possible. For this and so many other reasons that we invite you to discover by yourself, people choose Jardin Tropical Hotel and My Perfect Wedding as the perfect combination to plan and celebrate a beautiful and unforgettable wedding.

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