Weddings in Adeje (Tenerife, Canary Islands)

Weddings in Adeje (Tenerife, Canary Islands)

The perfect wedding abroad we feel, here at My Perfect Wedding,  requires a combination of different factors.  Good organisation,  good planning and a good team to work alongside you, helping you to take the pain and stress out of planning your wedding abroad.  Nadine García Breuer, our wedding planner will help you in all aspects of planning for your big day. From, organising your accommodation, such as hotels, apartments or villa rentals, professional photographers to capture those special moments, wedding venues, florists, down to the smallest details, she will assist in all aspects.

beautiful wedding with sea views in adeje, canary islands Wedding setup, sea view in Adeje , Tenerife , Canary Islands Wedding flowers for beautiful wedding ceremony Wedding limosine, with bride and brides father wedding in Adeje, Canary Islands Wedding setup done by Nadine, Adeje, Canary Island wedding planner doing final touches in Adeje, Canary Islands Bride with lovely wedding florist bouquet on her big day Wedding planner with bride in Adeje, Tenerife wedding table decoration done by wedding planner
weddings in tenerife la adeje tenerife the Canary Islands

A major detail that we always consider as being extremely important,  is the location.  Here in Tenerife, one of the preferred destinations amongst couples who are considering tying the knot is the area of Adeje in Tenerife. Regarded as a popular holiday destination amongst holiday makers and for couples looking to get married.  Adeje as your perfect wedding destination is, in our mind, a win win situation.  Firstly, you are almost guaranteed all year round beautiful weather, secondly, you have a wide range of accommodations, which will more than accommodate those on a small to those on a large budget who are looking for that extra special something when they stay on the island .  Nadine García Breur and the My Perfect Wedding team will also make sure that your wedding, if you choose to celebrate it in the beautiful surroundings of Adeje, is a successful one.  We can arrange a wide range of venues and locations to suit your requirements.   For example, you may want to have a beach, or beachfront wedding then we can definitely say that   Adeje has some of the most beautiful beaches on the island that will take your breath away and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.  For those of you who would  prefer something different but still have the sea and sun kissed blue skies as part of that special moment, then  Adeje has that too.  And last but not least, those of you who really would like to splash out on the big occasion, the My Perfect Wedding team and Nadine will can definitly make sure that your dream will come to frutition.

We would like you to know that we offer different services.  For example, you may want to do a renewal  your vows wedding_costa_adeje_tenerife_pre_wedding_hair_and_make_upwith your loved one so as to recapture that golden moment when you first tied the knot, or those of you who are considering getting married for the first time, Tenerife is a great location to celebrate that traditional pre wedding party such as a stag or hen party.   Same sex marriages, with a traditional twist are now very much sought after, our team at My Perfect Wedding will organise everything so that the day ends as how you expect it.  To capture  those precious  moments we offer some of the best  professional wedding photographers and  professional wedding video production services here in Tenerife.  Please feel free to contact Nadine our wedding planner here in Tenerife where she will be more than happy to help you with your wedding here in Tenerife.

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