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Why couples rather choose Tenerife over Greece to celebrate weddings?

Weddings in Greece and Tenerife

We can mention endless reasons to celebrate your wedding in Tenerife instead of celebrating your wedding in Greece or any other destination around the world. Today we are going to tell you the key reasons to choose this magical island of Tenerife over Greece.

Thinking about celebrate your wedding in Greece? ¡Read this first!

For all these reasons and more, celebrate weddings in Greece will never be better than to celebrate your wedding here with us.

Better flight connections: Tenerife is the Caribbean of Europe, that’s why all airlines have very frequent flights from UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe, not only many daily flights but many airlines options and fees adapted to each pocket.

Better weather: Climate conditions are unique in Tenerife. If we make a comparison with Greece, we will always be more than one step forward. You can plan your wedding on any date you wish because our “blessed” weather allows you to do so. Just for you to have an idea, at the moment I’m writing this post we have 21 degrees and the average weather in Greece is now 7 degrees. Can you imagine yourself celebrating your wedding with a coat on instead of wearing your beautiful wedding dress?

Nonstop Island: As a top tourism destination, Tenerife offers so many activities and things to do, such as watersports, excursions, outdoor activities, biking, parascending, etc. not only for young people but for those who want a little bit more of relaxing time. So if you think about having a wedding in Greece, please ask yourself… Would it be as good as Tenerife? ¡I don’t think so!

Stunning venues: It is incredible that on an island, we can find a great variety of vegetation and magical landscapes. A warm and colorful atmosphere, makes Tenerife to be chosen over Greece or any other place to celebrate a unique wedding. Here in Tenerife, you will be witness of the most amazing sunsets while walking barefoot on our white sand, surrounded by the greatness of nature. If you’re looking for a romantic venue for your wedding, well let me tell you something… You just found it!

Tourism core: Our tourist and hotel infrastructure give alternatives to everyone in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the world. Not only to get married but to spend an incredible and super fun holiday. The variety of people from all around the world living on our Island, makes us rich in culture, gastronomy and so much more. Our friendly people will make a singular and special one wedding trip, honeymoon or holiday.

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Tenerife | Thursday 20/02/2020

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