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Weddings in Italy or Weddings in Tenerife?

Weddings in Italy and TenerifeSome people say, weddings in Italy are Romantic, etc. but has romanticism something to do with that? Romanticism is that special touch that we give to the way we love someone and that definitely doesn’t has to do with a specific place. We can be romantic here, there or wherever we are, the trick is to be so passionate about our mate and make her/him feel so special, unique and beloved. Here in Tenerife there’s so much love in the air and of course our island is such a romantic place and is waiting for you to show how romantic you can be. But let’s talk about weddings in Italy and put our cards on the table and see the advantages of getting married here in Tenerife instead of there.

Are weddings in Italy affordable or should I pick Tenerife?

The advantages of getting married in Tenerife instead of Italy are many, but one of the most significant could be economics. We live in an Island and our tax rate is low (7%) compared with the rest of Europe (21% or more). Isn’t that great? Everything here is more affordable than mainland Spain and the rest of the countries of Europe. Maybe that’s why people from Italy are choosing Tenerife as a place to live. But I’m sure it’s not only for the economics, here at this marvelous island there is a magical energy. Our “All-Year-Summer” climate, the variety of cultures, rhythms, gastronomy, the accessibility and more, give a great extra value to your wedding plans and of course you can count on us as your best wedding planner in Tenerife.

Being a low tax region allows you to extend your budget and get more for less without sacrificing quality. For example, let’s say your original idea is getting married in Italy and have a wedding in a determinate style. Well, you can have the same wedding here in Tenerife, keeping the style, the ideas, type of food, number of guests, decoration, music, etc. and still have enough money to plan your honeymoon. If you live in UK, you have an extra advantage since your currency is the Pound Sterling and as the actual currency exchange your budget will be even wider.

We believe that when you decide to celebrate your wedding abroad, you wish everything to go perfect and according to your ideas, of course if you are on a tight budget this could be a bittersweet flavor for your plans. Here, your budget could cover more wishes, which means to have the wedding of your dreams and give you and your guests a lifetime experience. And it might even give you the opportunity to add on your Honeymoon without stretching your budget thanks to the better deals and wedding packages we offer.

So as conclusion we can say that if you’re planning your wedding in Italy or any other destination overseas, you must check out Tenerife and its advantages because it will worth it.

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