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Weddings in Mallorca and Tenerife

Weddings in SpainSpain has a lot of scenarios and amazing landscapes, great architecture, stunning venues for you to celebrate a special event such as your wedding. But not all this places are available the entire year, only those who has the best climate conditions. Wich is not the case of Mallorca. Some people look to celebrate weddings in Mallorca but even when Mallorca as island is a beautiful place, you can’t celebrate your wedding all seasons round, because in autumn and winter time, temperatures goes down and weather is cold, even reaching values below zero. According to an internet reading Reference here the best season in Mallorca to avoid snow and cold temperatures is from June to middle of September and I’m sure you don’t want to be limited to a “specific” season to plan your big day.

Are you sure you want to get married in Mallorca, why not Tenerife?

spain_tenerife_03The opposite occurs here in Tenerife, “The Island of Eternal Spring”. Where even in a windy day there’s a big sun over us giving us its warmness. We can say for real that Tenerife has summer all the time, so no matter what season of the year you want to celebrate your wedding; Tenerife, definitely is the place to come. As I said at the beginning of this post, Spain has so much to offer for those who want to say “Yes, I do” and live a magnificent wedding abroad experience and we’re lucky to be here at Tenerife an island with a “Spanish-Latin” flavor, typical Spanish traditions and food, fun 24/7, tourism activities and of course a special ingredient… The “Mix” of cultures, so here in Tenerife you will feel like home but with at least 24º degrees of friendliness and guess what? You will be wearing your best summer outfit.

So if you’re still looking to celebrate your wedding in Mallorca, take a look first to all the magic that our “Beautiful Pearl” Tenerife encloses. I’m sure you won’t regret it.


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Tenerife | Sunday 26/01/2020

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