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Weddings in Portugal or Tenerife (Spain)?

wedding-nicole-and-simon-in-tenerife-www.myperfectwedding.eu_192Getting married abroad is becoming in a growing trend. Every year, the number of couples looking to say “I do” overseas is increasing in an impressive way. As I wrote before, the world of today is getting smaller and smaller and distances are not an excuse anymore to celebrate your wedding outside your horizons. As a trend, there are favorite venues and destinations for this. Many people celebrate weddings in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and many other world destinations. But, why is this becoming so popular?

Well, let’s start by saying that in the past, travel to another country was really expensive. Now, the low cost airlines make affordable flights that used to be unreachable. Tour operators, hotels and resorts have All Inclusive packages that makes easier the stay in case you have a big number of guests for your wedding. Wedding Planning agencies are arising to help out couples to organize and plan all related to the wedding (Venue, Accommodation, Food, Music, Photos, Video, etc.).

Why Portugal or Tenerife as Wedding Destination?

I can also say that weddings in Portugal and Tenerife, Spain are more popular because the history of these two destination is very rich and interesting, this particular reason makes them more attractive and suitable to get married abroad. Remember that if you choose Tenerife as your wedding destination, we are entirely at your disposal and willing to help with your wedding plan.

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