Romantic Beach Wedding in Tenerife with Island Tour and Photo Shooting!

Our last beach wedding was a unique experience! Bride and groom to be arrived by the TUICruises “Mein Schiff” (My Ship) on their Canary Islands Tour in Tenerife. Experience at firsthand how the Wedding- and Travel Agency “My perfect wedding in Tenerife“ made their personal dream come true.

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The couple were picked up directly at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Port from the cruise, in a nicely decorated car. Wedding and Event planner Nadine García Breuer passes the bouquet and the buttonhole.

The radiant couple gets into the car which is equipped with all facilities (picnic basket with fruits, finger food, cold drinks etc.).

Driveway to the National Park Teide – world heritage site – with its unique pine forest.

Beginning of 1. Photo-Shooting.

A little snack from the picnic basket.

Continuing to the highest mountain in Spain (3.718m) and 2. Photo-Shooting. The impressive mountain as best man, nature and the idyllic landscape make the perfect scenery for a romantic wedding.

Teide, Europe’s biggest volcano is a perfect background for the 3. Photo-Shooting. It was also the setting for the Warner Bros production “Clash of the Titans”” with Hollywood Star “Liam Neeson”.

Romantic Moments… After a delicious meal with an amazing vista to the majestic Teide and his lunar landscapes, we continue to the beach.

This location specially selected by Wedding and Event agency,”My Perfect wedding in Tenerife”, offers intimacy and wonderful views.

To the marvelous mountains, as well as to the blue Atlantic.

A warm welcome to the couple from our free speaker.

Our dream location in the middle of nowhere.

Peace and silence are at home here.

A completely happy couple!

Moments of happiness…

Wedding wishes are poured into one receptacle using coloured sands. The purpose being that we still recognize the colors well, but the sand is now in a vessel together and will not be separated anymore.

Descent on an old stone staircase to the beach.

Barefoot in the sand, the sound of waves in the background and the gentle sea breeze let the couple experience magical moments.

In this romantic atmosphere the rings are exchanged. After that the toast in the sand!

A wonderful Photo-Shooting of a wedding abroad.

A little surprise from Wedding Planner Nadine García Breuer.

Enjoying the last rays of sun before going on to the Candle Light Dinner.

Finally a unique and very romantic dinner lit only by candles in an old, typical canarian mill with live Violin, Piano Music and a singing cook. Of course he sang the couple’s favourite songs so they could start to dance. Then they were brought back to the ship.


Tenerife | Thursday 01/06/2023

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