Beautiful wedding on a dreamlike beach on the island Tenerife


The couple came arrived to the beach in a nice black Jaguar.

The guests were already waiting for the couple on the lovely decorated set-up.

The couple had eyes only for themselves.

The hand tradition shall remind both of the value and the important significance they have in their marriage. Also they had celebrated the sand tradition.

In this case, different colored sand, which stands for love, togetherness and future of the couple, united in a bottle.

Everybody was waiting for this moment: the touching wedding kiss.

Also they decided to let fly balloons, where guests shaped message cards with good luck messages for bride and groom.

A nice photo shoot took place on this stunning place. It was funny and romantic at the same time.

Nadine García Breuer and the My perfect wedding team wishes the nice couple all the luck of the world for their future and that they always remember Tenerife with a smile


Tenerife | Thursday 01/06/2023

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