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The bridal bouquet can’t be missing on your big day. An old tradition says that the groom has to choose the flowers for his bride. To us however it’s not important who of you selects the bridal bouquet, but it’s important that everything is perfect for you.

Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the flowers!

bridal bouquets tenerife

The bridal bouquet is one of the bride’s most important accessories and emphasizes her dreamlike and wonderful appearance. It would be a pleasure for us to organize your perfect bridal bouquet that harmonizes excellently with your dress and your wedding colors. There are so many different shapes and colors you can choose from.

Roses are regarded as a symbol of love and make a beautiful traditional bouquet of flowers. You can also combine it with different colors and little decoration elements to get an elegant and romantic accessory for the bride.

There is no limit to your possibilities in choosing the perfect bridal bouquet. No matter if you want it to be extravagant, simple or romantic fanciful. The most important is that it suits you.

A classic example of a bunch of white roses with green elements.

Classic flowers and an extraordinary processing are a perfect combination for a bridal bouquet. Pink is not only a color for girls but also for weddings a suitable and modest color option.

As an alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet there is a wide range of unusual and unique bunches.

According to your wishes and ideas we organize your perfect and unique bouquet that suits perfectly to your wedding dress and is specially designed for you.

Bold colors with white and green elements make up a nice contrast to the dress and have a noble effect.

Extraordinary bridal bouquets in a drop shape with pink or purple roses completed with white orchids. The green makes the bouquet very natural and is perfect for Open air weddings.

A special combination of classic roses and gypsophila.

A fancyful romantic variation.

It does not matter which shape you prefer. We have the perfect bunch for all tastes.

Bouquets of flowers in a drop shape are very modern and extraordinary and give every wedding dress a special touch.

Flowers of different colors in one bunch have a very modern and fresh effect.

A nice alternative to roses is a bunch of orchids and calla lilies and the withe color suits perfectly to your wedding in white.

This bouquet of yellow roses and wild flowers suits excellent to the island of eternal spring season.

A special bridal bouquet makes the bride’s outfit even more individual and looks both modern and fanciful.

It would be a pleasure for us to organize as well a suitable flower pin for the groom so that everything harmonizes perfectly.


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