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Feel the sand under your feet and the fresh sea breeze in your hair as you swear eternal love on each other.

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Traditional Canarian country houses surrounded by beautiful nature.

Special insider tips, beautiful pavilions, spectacular sunsets and Romanesque churches.

Wonderful wedding locations offering breathtaking sea views.

Glamorous and exclusive wedding locations with first class service.

From small and private churches to weddings in large cathedrals we can offer you everything on Tenerife.

Our beautiful tailor made turret.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be aware that many offers you will find on the internet are sites run by people who are not registered companies, often an unofficial individual who are offering wedding planning services as a part time job, (often they won’t show a photograph of the planner or use a real name), or, they are travel agencies trying to look like wedding planners. Please don’t get confused: you might be deceived with the many offers on the internet and always, please, be sure that you are dealing with a serious business (recognized company). Even if you don’t become our client, please don’t make a mistake and please don’t take any risks with the organizing of your big day.

Nadine Garcia Breuer, professional wedding planner and owner of My Perfect Wedding Agency, (the only company in Tenerife working 100% with weddings and personalized events), is proud of the transparency with which she deals with her clients, and is happy to provide you with the official Wedding Agency Data as follows:

My Perfect Wedding
C/ La Marina, Local B11,
Los Abrigos, Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife,
C.P. 38618,
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Telephone / Fax: + 34 922 749292
Mobile: + 34 634 533 266
E-Mail Nadine García Breuer:


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