Dreamlike beach wedding with bright sunshine

This couple always dreamed of marrying on a beautiful beach with the rushing sea in the background. Nadine García Breuer and her team of My perfect wedding could fulfill this wish on the Canary island of Tenerife.

The bride wore in her fabulous white wedding dress and the extraordinary bridal bouquet completed the styling. The groom was very proud of his beautiful wife to be.

The groom walked his sweetheart down the aisle accompanied by delightful guitar sounds. The couple was looking forward to a touching ceremony.

Both of them enjoyed this beautiful day. Especially exchanging their rings was very important for them.

The whole decoration harmonized perfectly with the bride’s dress. A kiss sealed the love of the bridal couple solemnly.

The guitarist accompanied the ceremony with suitable songs. After the ceremony the guests wanted to wish the couple all the best for their future.

Nadine, the couple and their guests toasted with champagne to the bridal couple and their further life together. After that a photo shoot on the beach followed.

Not only the couple but also the guests were included. All of them had lots of fun and it was easy for the photographer to take wonderful and varied photos.

Because of the vivid mood of the couple the photo shoot became to an unforgettable event and wonderful marriage photos were taken. They will remind both of them of this extraordinary day forever.

For the following reception dinner the small wedding party proceeded to a breathtaking venue directly at the beachfront. They enjoyed the sunset with good food and a glass of wine.

From this day on the couple will make their path of live hand in hand. Nadine García Breuer and the whole team of my perfect wedding wish all the best.


Tenerife | Thursday 01/06/2023

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