Excellent Photo Shoot on the Beautiful Island of Tenerife

A great start to the couple’s photo shoot  in Tenerife

They preferred the beautiful stones and the green lawns of Tenerife with the sea in the background. A very
varied setup which worked very well

The couple enjoyed playing around with each other while our professional wedding photographer  took a
lot of beautiful pictures here in Tenerife

We also captured the couple playing around with our photographer near the sea  in Tenerife

They felt the sea and  the soft warm wind which made  everything feel perfect

The lovely bride posing with a perfect sunset in Tenerife

They decided to take a dip in the  sea  then lay on the beach

A traditional bonfire on the beach, specially created for the couple, where they were able to burn, as a tradition,
important items that they saved throughout the whole year.  
The bride loved the idea of throwing the bouquet in the fire!


Tenerife | Sunday 19/05/2024

weather in tenerife

25 C°