Fantastic Wedding Ceremony with sea view and wedding celebration

This amazing couple started their new life as man and women with a dreamlike beach ceremony on Tenerife.

Their family and friends were witnesses of a wonderful marriage ceremony under a bright blue sky.

The bride get a professional styling for her special day from our stylist.

She looks perfect and the rings can’t be missing.

The couple was taken by an extraordinary limousine to the venue.

The beach was lovely decorated for the bride and the groom.

Dreamlike ceremony!

Our marriage celebrant has a very touching wedding speech prepared, which the couple really enjoy.

With his romantic songs our talented guitar player creates a very emotional and personal atmosphere.

The bride has a wonderful bridal bouquet and an amazing necklace.

Family and friends build a circle around the couple during the ceremony.

The sand tradition of My perfect wedding has a special meaning for the ceremony:

The various colors of the sand symbolize the versatility of a marriage.

Every guest takes part in the sand tradition.

The hand ceremony is very emotional and touches every heart. You have to take the hands of your partner and look him very deep in his eyes.

The couple exchanges their rings and the family is very grateful to Nadine García Breuer, who has made this dream day come true.

After the long-wished wedding kiss there’s a small champagne reception on the dreamlike beach of the Canarian Island.

Nadine García Breuer, wedding planner abroad, brings the balloons to the wedding guests.

A fantastic idea of the team of My perfect wedding:

Every guest can write the wishes for the couple on little red hearts, fix them on the balloons and let them fly away.

The sweet little wishes in the sky.

All the guests congratulate the couple to their new life as man and woman.

It’s a wonderful experience to tie the knot under the blue sky and to swear each other everlasting love.

Everyone wants a photo with the happy couple!

The happy little family started a photo shoot with our professioinal photographer.

The azurblue Atlantic stages the wedding dress in a wonderful light.

A breathtaking sunset on the sun island of Tenerife!

In the evening there was a delicious dinner on the promenade right next to the beach and the ocean.

Of course a guitar player creates a romantic atmosphere with his emotional songs.

The wedding cake was decorated in the wedding colors white and red.

As a highlight of the evening the couple cut the wedding cake.

My perfect wedding wish all the best to them and that they always remember of this day with a smile.


Tenerife | Thursday 01/06/2023

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