Farewell party

To end up their days in Tenerife Sabrina and Robert celebrated a small farewell party on one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife, so the guests were able to say goodbye to each other and could click glasses one more time.

White sand and bright sunshine – the island showed itself from its best behavior.

All the guests came together by bus to enjoy Tenerife’s weather and the beach.

The large white sandy beach with lots of palm trees made it possible to have a celebration in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

It was also cared for some finger food and drinks at the beach bar.

Of course there was a small photo shoot on the beach with the whole group.

The bridal couple said goodbye and thanked their friends and family.

With this farewell party some exciting and fantastic days in sunny island Tenerife came to its end. The team of My perfect wedding and Nadine

García Breuer wish the bridal couple only the best for their further journey through live.


Tenerife | Saturday 17/02/2024

weather in tenerife

25 C°