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An old proverb says: Every meal should be a feast for the eyes, too! Therefore it’s very important that the tables are lovely decorated, in order to create a nice atmosphere for a relaxed and enjoyable reception meal.


Every vase decorates the table in a different way.


Green, the color of the nature and the plants, reminds of the spring and the naturalness of humans. This color creates a natural atmosphere.


Several elements of the table decoration have to be considered and integrated perfectly. Candles, place cards, napkins, candle-holder and some other decoration elements have to fit to the general picture.

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Red, the color of love. It symbolizes a strong, never ending love and affection to each other. It stands for strength and warmth in the partnership. Which color would be fit better for the table decoration than red?

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Purple and violet are the colors of spirituality. This means that you open your mind to your partner.

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For the couples who want it in a simple way, but also elegant. A small flower arrangement in a vase and all the rest in white spread an individual character.

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The color blue symbolizes the loyalty to each other. It stands for the eternity and the truth in the partnership. Pink is the color of the love and helps couples to give their feelings expression.


The choosing of the color has to be compared with other elements of the wedding. The gamut of colors can’t be too big and has to fit to the bridal bouquet, the bridal dress, the location and the presents.

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Here you can see that it is possible to decorate the table in every color you prefer. Just tell us your wishes.

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The table decoration is very time-consuming. Trust us and we arrange your decoration exactly as you wish.

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Also a nice idea: To integrate the sandtradition, which was made by the couple during the ceremony.

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You can also place some personal greetings for the guests on their plates so that they feel more comfortable.

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The classic style: Rose petals for the table decoration. They are always in style and create a romantic atmosphere again and again.


The color white symbolizes purity like the white bridal dress. It also reminds of a strong believe to god and the marriage. It signals light and the new beginning in a life as a couple.


Nadine García Breuer and her team of My perfect Wedding are looking forward to create your table decoration for your big day!


Tenerife | Wednesday 31/05/2023

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