Romantic ride in the North of Tenerife

For their first anniversary the young woman surprised her husband with a beautiful ride through the untouched nature of the North of the sun island Tenerife.

Just a year ago they got married with the help of Nadine García Breuer and her team of my perfect wedding. This is why she trusted Nadine to organize the ride.

The outfit was perfectly suitable for the day and gave the excursion a special atmosphere.

After getting to know the horses, the guide and a short introduction at the clay court everyone was ready for the trip.

After a few minutes both of them felt really comfortable and were able to enjoy the fascinating nature. The horses also exuded a pleasant sense of calm and made the couple feel safe.

The casual cowgirl caught everyone with her good mood.

With stetson, sun glasses and denim jacket both looked very good in the saddle.

Of course a little snack can´t be missing at such an exhausting ride. She surprised her sweetheart with a picnic at a lonely silvan glade.

To celebrate the anniversary they toasted with a glass of champagne and they remembered their special moments of last year.

The surprise was a success. After a short break the couple made its way back home.

Even the most amazing moment has its end. In their faces you can see that their day was full of fun and happiness.


Tenerife | Thursday 01/06/2023

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