Wedding Cakes in Tenerife

The wedding cake is a symbol of fertility. Traditionally it was made of flour, honey, almonds and condiments. The modern cake is more unique, wrapped in icing and with more delicious ingredients.

The general picture is rounded off by various cake stands which makes breathtaking pictures in front of a fantastic background.

Earlier one ingredient had to be present: Marzipan, which is made of almonds, attar of roses and sugar. The sweetness of the almonds symbolizes the happiness in love, the bitterness represents the difficult times in a marriage and the attar of roses the emotion. But nowadays marzipan is replaced with sugar here in Spain. On request it would be a pleasure for us to organize your dream wedding cake, as well with marzipan.

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The 5 tiers of the wedding cake is a symbol of the 5 important steps in life of the couple: the birth, Holy Communion, marriage, children and the death.

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A sweet, romantic variant are the little, lovely decorated individual heart shaped wedding cakes with the names of the couple. They can be decorated individual.

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Our bakeries make always something unique.

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The wedding cake is traditionally cut by the couple. There you have to look at the hands. An old proverb is saying that the person who has the hand on the top of cutting the cake has also the upper hand in the marriage ;-) The first piece gets the bride and the groom together.

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The eye-catcher at every wedding cake is the topper! There are lots of variations from romantic fanciful to traditional exactly the way you like.

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The modern variations of a cake are the small cupcakes. Every cake can be individual and lovely decorated. Even with a top cake.

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Can it be something more unusual? Our candy-bar offers a funny change to the traditional wedding cake.

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