Fabulous wedding on a romantic beach in Tenerife

This young and lovely couple enjoyed their stay in Tenerife and as a big highlight of their trip to Spain they swore each other never ending love in front of their parents. The golden sand, blue sea and the beautiful flower arrangements were the perfect setting for their dream wedding!

Their venue is prepared for the ceremony of love!

A heartly welcome from our marriage celebrant.

The speech of our marriage celebrant in Tenerife is written especially for them and entertains the guests really well!

The sand tradition is a small present of their wedding planner Nadine García Breuer. They fill the 3 different colours of marriage and the original sand of Tenerife in a lovely glass bottle!

The romantic hand ceremony affects everybody!

Exchanging the wedding rings and the long-desired wedding kiss!

Wife and husband bring out a toast to this special day!

Both of them can’t describe their luck!

Beautiful pin and bridal bouquet!

The amazing bridal dress matches the blue sea!

Tenerife is and will be their Island of love! As a sign for it they draw a heart in the sand.

My Perfect Wedding wishes them and their lovely family only the best for their future!


Tenerife | Wednesday 21/02/2024

weather in tenerife

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