A Colourful Photo Shoot in one of Tenerife’s Traditional buildings

This loving couple chose to have the photo shoot in one of Tenerife’s most traditional and emblematic building

 As the photo shoot went on it became quite obvious that the couple gradually begun to feel  very
comfortable with our  professional photographer  based in the Canary Island

The team at My Perfect Wedding in Tenerife arranged and prepared all the small details for the photo shoot. For example, this
beautiful wedding flower bouquet arrangement

One of Tenerife’s traditional stony beaches gave us the opportunity to take some really
intimate and memorable shots of the lovely couple

The couple created their own stone tradition so it was only natural that  and we  had to snap such a special
moment.  They really loved the experience

The light from Tenerife’s sunset made a perfect backdrop for this final shot on the beach!


Tenerife | Monday 19/02/2024

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