Wedding at the Monkey Beach Club in Tenerife

Tenerife is known as the island of eternal spring and love! Because of this a lot of couples want to tie the knot here in Tenerife and begin their life as husband and wife on one of our beautiful beach venues in Tenerife! The following pictures are showing one of these happy couples, marrying on the Canarian Island and enjoying a spectacular wedding reception with amazing entertainment!

The bridal couple arrive at their wedding venue by horse and carriage.

The set up is lovingly decorated by My perfect wedding and our professional guitar player plays romantic songs during the whole ceremony.

The wedding party is enthusiastic about the speech of the marriage celebrant and the guests also care for a relaxed and entertaining ceremony.

The sand tradition, created by My perfect wedding, is not only for the bridal couple a lot of fun.

The hand tradition is a very touching part of the ceremony during which you hold the hands and look deep into the eyes of your partner.

Bride and groom exchange the wedding rings and then it is time for the wedding kiss!

The guests congratulate the newly-weds.

The bridal couple thanks Nadine García Breuer, wedding planner in Tenerife, for this unique experience.

The dreamlike ceremony is followed by an After Wedding Photo Shoot on the beach.

A wish of the bridal couple for their wedding: standing with the feet in the ocean!

The little daughter enjoys the big day with her parents.

After the photo shoot in the water some other pictures are taken at the venue.

The beautiful bouquet for the bride and a matching buttonhole for the groom.

The wedding party is excited about the following celebration on the Canarian Island.

The wedding reception starts with a stunning salsa show.

Our professional salsa dancers animate the guests to join them dancing.

The bridal couple and the guests are enjoying the fantastic atmosphere on the sunny island Tenerife.

The wedding guests take their seats at the big table and start with the delicious wedding meal.

The venue is illuminated by differently colored lights which create a magnificent ambiance.

After the guests played some funny wedding games with the bridal couple the whole wedding party dances and celebrates by the music of our amazing DJ. This wonderful wedding day will stay unforgettable for the bridal couple!

Nadine García Breuer and the team of My perfect wedding wish them all the best for their future together!


Tenerife | Sunday 19/05/2024

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