Wonderful Beach Wedding with Amazing Photo Shoot on Mount Teide in Tenerife

Picturesque wedding set up on the beach waiting for the arrival of the bride and groom

All smiles around for the pair.  The bride holding a lovely bouquet of flowers which surely matches her bridal dress

Both sitting patiently and attentively whilst listening to the ceremony under a lovely floral arch

The wedding vows between the happy couple on a beautiful summers day on the beach.  How perfect!

After the wedding, the couple celebrates with a nice glass of champagne

The beginning of the couple’s after wedding photo shoot which will take them to different parts of the island of Tenerife 

Absolutely stunning wedding dress!

A very novel way to cut the traditional wedding cake

Close to one of the highest points in Spain, this couple enjoying the beginning of their photoshoot adventure

Its a long walk back to civilisation darling

One of Tenerife’s  hidden gems, Teide National Park.  Beautiful and untouched.  Perfect for a newly wedded couple.

A beautiful end to a special day

The happy couple with the My Perfect Wedding wedding planner


Tenerife | Wednesday 21/02/2024

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