Schöne Gazebo-Hochzeit mit erstaunlichem Sonnenuntergang in Teneriffa


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Bilder dieser Hochzeitslocation...

Luxurious gazebo wedding in Tenerife with music provided by a professional violin player

The bride to be getting prepared in her hotel room for her big moment whilst the My Perfect Wedding planner helps
with the preparations

The finishing touches being done to the bride by one of our professional makeup artists.  Who needs a mirror when you have
beautiful views of the surrounding countryside to while the time away!

The groom and friends celebrating just before the big moment.  Helps to calm the nerves


Arriving in style.  The bride enjoying the ride in a beautiful and sumptuous limousine

Throughout the ceremony, the bride gently holds on to her bouquet of flowers and the hands of her husband to be

Stepping down from the flower adorned gazebo to the well wishers.  Look how happy they look

“Congratulations, we finally tied the knot”!!  The couple looking really content and happy after having finally finished the
after having finally finished the wedding service.

Posing for the camera.  All the family and friends together ready to propose a toast to the happy couple

Perfectly arranged wedding reception table with the flower arrangements adding that last and final touch

The bride being hugged by her now to be called husband while she holds a neatly arranged flower bouquet
which matches the colors and simple lines of her wedding dress

Great after wedding photo shoot with the ecstatic newly weds

As night falls it only leaves the couple with one more duty. The cutting of the intricately designed wedding cake 


Teneriffa | Dienstag 28/03/2023

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