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Celebrate your Renewal of Vows in Tenerife

A renewal of vows is something very important and it’s a sign of ongoing love and partnership.

Renewal of vows in Tenerife

The celebration could be either in grand style in one of the beautiful venues in Tenerife to very intimate hidden places around the island.

Or you could choose a romantic villa, where you can relax in peace, and once again relive the beautiful moments of the past and present together.

It would be a great memory tying the knot again in a small, idyllic village church and remember the excitement of the first time you said “I do” to each other.

You may wish to renew your wedding vows in Tenerife because…

Renewal of Vows Tenerife

• You were married in a registry office and now wish to have the great wedding ceremony that you had always dreamed of.

• You got married a long time ago and you want to show your partner once again how much you feel for him/her.

• You did not have the chance to enjoy your big day as you were too worried about your guests.

• After five, ten or even more years of marriage you want to renew your wedding vows.

• You have had a serious relationship crisis and want to seal your new beginning together with a renewed promise of marriage.

• You have been very ill and your partner has stood by you and you want to say thank you in a very special way.

• Or perhaps you just want to say in a very special way that you love your partner and would marry him/her again and again.


Regardless of the reason, there is no better way to say “I love you”!

The opportunities of showing your love and celebrating an unforgettable renewal of vows in Tenerife are limitless.

The My Perfect Wedding team in Tenerife can organize not only the celebration but also activities for the days after your wedding. How about an exciting excursion around the island or on a sailing yacht in the Atlantic accompanied by whales and dolphins, a jeep safari, a biking trip or a diving course for you and your beloved?

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