Wonderful church wedding with dinner

The big day began with the styling of the beautiful bride.

The church was decorated and perfectly coordinated according to all the wishes of the couple.

With the wonderful atmosphere and the great service of the priest the church wedding was unique.

With the old tradition of throwing rice to the newly-weds all the happiness in the world, prosperity and fruitfulness was particularly desired.

The whole familiy, all friends, young and old all of them were there, at the dream wedding in Tenerife.

After the wonderful church wedding stunning pictures for the photo album were taken.

The wedding rings – They stand for the infitity of love.

No detail was mising at the reception meal.

The evening opened with a traditional toast.

With the help of a Videographer and the guestbook all unique happenings could be held as a memory.

The common cutting of the wedding cake were one of the most beautiful things at the dream wedding.

Nadine García Breuer and the whole Team of My perfect wedding whishes the best of luck for the great couple and their common future.


Tenerife | Sunday 14/04/2024

weather in tenerife

25 C°