Fabulous beach wedding with stunning views from a cliff

It was a great wedding day in Canary Islands and perfect weather to tie the knot. The lovely couple got married at the wonderful beach in Tenerife and enjoyed the view to the azurre coloured sea along with the stunning landscape.

Tenerife is called “the small continent” due to its diverse landscape, which is like no other in the world.

The bridal couple decided upon a romantic venue close to a mountain beside a beach. The My Perfect Wedding team fulfilled all their dreams for their wedding ceremony abroad.


The lovely couple on the way to their dream wedding in Spain.

As you can see the couple enjoys any possible privacy and can focus on their feelings for each other.

They listen carefully to our marriage celebrant, who creates a special atmosphere with some funny and romantic anecdotes from their lives.

The bridal couple chose the wonderful sand tradition, created by My Perfect Wedding. Therewith they show their partner, that they will be together forever like the couloured sand, which you can’t separate anymore once it’s joined in one bottle.

As they want to tie the knot, they exchange the beautiful rings.

The bridal couple is overjoyed that they have found each other and that they can spend their future together as husband and wife.

Bride and Groom give their thanks to the My Perfect Wedding team, especially Nadine García Breuer, their wedding planner in the Canarian Island Tenerife, who organized this day even more exciting and wonderful than they had expected.

Beautiful pictures at the beach. The lovely couple had so much fun.

The picture show how much they love each other.

The My Perfect Wedding team wishes the little family only the best for their future and we hope that they will visit their wedding paradise again soon.


Tenerife | Monday 15/04/2024

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